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Hot Ticket Alert! ‘Fantasy of Lights’ Walk-Thru Tickets Released This Week for 25th Anniversary Event

There are two more opportunities to get tickets for the walk-thru event, which sells out in hours

Strings of festive lights wrap trees and line a road at Vasona Park for the annual Fantasy of Lights holiday display.

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. – The always popular “Fantasy of Lights” walk-thru tickets are now on sale, and the first offering quickly sold out. Two more batches of tickets will be released on Sunday, Nov. 5 at noon and Friday, Nov. 10, at 6 p.m. 

The Dec. 2 and 3 walk-thru tour, in which the sights and lights can be enjoyed while on a leisurely stroll at Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos, always sells out within hours of tickets being released for its two-day run. The Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department spaces out the times when tickets are available to give people multiple opportunities to score entrance passes. 

Tickets for the nightly drive-through tour, which run Dec. 5 through 30, are available but act fast – popular pre-Christmas time slots usually get booked early. 

Tickets are available at

This year marks a quarter century of Fantasy of Lights! Popular favorites such as the Dino Den and pirate cove are back, joined by more recent additions such as a field of glowing flowers inspired by the massive Sensorio light attraction in Paso Robles. There’s the Serpent of Lake Vasona, hoops-shooting Santa, and multiple tunnels of moving lights. Some of the attractions have been wowing Santa Clara County residents for decades.

“I am really happy that the community still enjoys the event,” said Debra King, a program coordinator for the County Parks and Recreation Department. “There are a lot of other venues out there, and even with all those other options people still are still very interested in Fantasy of Lights.”


•             All told, the displays consist of approximately a half-million individual light bulbs.

•             Incandescent bulbs were replaced with LEDs – each by hand – starting in 2015.

•             There are a few classic displays that still use incandescent bulbs. Try to spot them!

•             The switch to LEDs saves energy! It cut the number of generators used to power them in half, despite the growing number of displays.

•             The lights start going up in early September – much to the dismay of some park-goers. “We do get complaints,” said Park Program Coordinator Debra King. “They say ‘It’s too early for Christmas!’ I get it, but that’s unfortunately when it needs to begin to be ready by December.”