2023 Santa Clara County Assessor’s Annual Report Released

October 25, 2023

The Santa Clara County Office of the Assessor released an electronic link to the Assessor's Annual Report 2023. The Annual Report continues to provide valuable data and information for property taxpayers, policymakers, finance directors, real estate and business professionals, and mortgage leaders.

Women Lead at the County of Santa Clara

September 24, 2023

Sixty-five percent of County employees identify as women, while 54% of the County’s executive leaders are female. Behind those statistics is a firm belief that gender diversity, and diversity of all kinds, improves County policies and programs and enriches the workplace.

Summer Ritual: County Crews Resurface Roads Under the Hot Sun

August 1, 2023

Every summer, employees in the Road & Signal Operations Division resurface a portion of the 660 miles of unincorporated Santa Clara County roads and expressways, extending the lives of the roads and preparing them for the storms of winter.

County Reopens Bear Creek Road to Traffic

June 30, 2023

The County of Santa Clara has completed repairs to a section of Bear Creek Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains that was badly damaged during this winter’s storms and reopened it to traffic. The road had been closed since March, when a culvert channeling stormwater under the roadway failed.